Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation Surgery

Whether they need reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, or just a self-esteem boost, women often balk at the price of breast implants. While some insurance companies may pay for breast augmentation in certain situations, most women seeking breast implant surgery must pay out of pocket, or find a benefactor. If you are a women with financial constraints, there are several ways that you can get free implants. Read more to see if you are eligible.

Step 1

The best way to get a whole suite of cosmetic surgeries, including breast implants, is to apply for a makeover on a reality show. There are several programs on TV that feature everyday people getting transformative makeovers.

You have a good shot at being selected if you are older, have a tragic life story, and are....well....cosmetically challenged. If you don't mind being on TV, give it a shot.

Step 2

Set up a website to solicit donations. This works well if you are very attractive -- except for being flat-chested. To make enough money in a decent time frame, you will need to get lots of traffic to your site, which means posting lots of sexy pictures.

In exchange for chatting and exchanging emails, many men will donate to your plastic surgery fund. It is considered good etiquette to post photos of yourself after you get breast implants, so that your donors can see what they paid for.

Step 3

      If you are not tech-savvy, and alternative to Step 2 is to register with a website called My Free Implants. All you have to do is upload photos of yourself and chat with benefactors; the website will take care of collecting donations on your behalf while keeping your personal info safe. When you have acquired enough donated funds to pay for your breast implants, My Free Implants will pay your surgeon directly.

Step 4

      If you are a military wife, you may be able to get free surgery if you pay for the actual implants yourself. Check with your physician on base.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breast Augmentation:Tips for Achieving the Best Results

Breast Augmentation
Tips for Achieving the Best Results

There are a number of things that can be done before, during, and after breast augmentation surgery to ensure the lowest complication rate, the speediest recovery, and the best results. Explained below are a number of the steps Dr. Loftus takes. And remember that women travel to Cincinnati from all over the country to have Dr. Jean Loftus perform their surgery…. So, keep in mind that this is an option for you, no matter where you live.

Using breast sizers to get the results you want:

Sizers are extremely useful in determining your final breast size and help eliminate uncertainty and anxieties. Dr. Jean Loftus recommends bringing two tight sports bras to your breast enhancement consultation session so that you can use implant sizers to determine the volume of breast implants that will give you your desired result. Dr. Loftus will offer guidance on implant size, but you will make the final decision. Read more tips about breast size selection.

Customizing Your Surgical Plan:

Each woman differs in their physical features and goals. Therefore, each woman deserves a surgical plan tailored to her needs. Dr. Loftus will explain all the breast augmentation options and will design a plan that is best suited to your needs. Read tips about making the best decisions regarding silicone/saline, under/over, smooth/textured, profile, fill, and incision site.

Reducing Your Risk of Complications

Reducing the risk of infection, capsular contracture, asymmetry, displacement,  deflation, nipple numbness, and other potential problems after surgery should be a primary concern. Dr. Loftus recommends several  things that can be done to reduce the risk of complications and improve your results. Read tips for reducing your risk of complications from breast augmentation. If your doctor isn’t taking the same precautions, ask why. However, also be aware that no matter how vigilant your plastic surgeon is, no plastic surgeon can guarantee against risks and complications following breast augmentation or any surgical procedure.

Planning your Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are a number of important steps you can and should take to optimize your entire experience surrounding your breast augmentation surgery. Learn about tips for planning your breast augmentation.

Speeding Your Recovery Following Breast Augmentation

Reducing pain and nausea are critical to speeding your recovery following breast augmentation. Read tips about how to best achieve a breast augmentation speedy recovery.

To Lift or Not to Lift?

Many women wonder whether they need a breast lift in addition to their breast implants or whether breast augmentation alone will meet their needs. Read tips about breast lift considerations.

Getting the Most out of Your Breast Enhancement Consultation

During your initial breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Loftus will examine your breasts and take careful measurements which will guide her in advising you about your breast augmentation options. She will make special note of nipple position, breast volume, breast width, distance between your breasts, breast shape and projection, and height of the fold beneath each breast. She will point out asymmetries (no two breasts are symmetric), and she will explain which of your breast features she can improve and how. Watch this 6 minutes breast evaluation video to see how Dr. Loftus evaluates breasts during a consultation.

If your plastic surgeon does not evaluate your breasts carefully and make careful measurements before your breast augmentation surgery, you should question him or her.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Large Breast Implants: Are They Right For You?

Large breast implants have always been a controversial topic and Americans love to talk about them. There are a host of good reasons you may want to choose extra large breast implants, but you will want to take time consider seriously all of the possible ways these may impact your body and your life.

For purposes of this discussion, we are referring to big breast implants as those implants that will increase your breast size to a D cup or larger. The most popular breast implant sizes typically increase a breast size to a C cup in breast augmentation. Bigger breast implants, resulting in D, DD, or even E cup breasts are becoming fairly commonplace.

Is a D cup breast size or larger right for you? But are big breasts right for you? Consider all the implications before you make the final decision. Experiment with different breast implant sizes by using breast implant sizers.

Actors and models have largely been responsible for making big breast augmentation popular. The motivation for these women to choose a larger size may be quite different from your own. Celebrities may well benefit from a larger breast size for many different reasons:

* Since they are often on stage or on a tall movie screen, the breasts of a celebrity will not necessarily appear as large or appealing as they would up close and in real life. Bigger breasts will tend to stand out on the screen and gain attention.

* Bigger breasts will spark controversy which is valuable in the press.. Celebrities like Selma Hayek, Angela Jennings, Jodie Marsh have gained significant notoriety and public attention in part due to the size of their breasts, regardless of whether or not they have received breast implants.

* Big breasts may be the difference on whether or not an actor, entertainer, or model gets the desired role or job that they are seeking due to the requirements of the role.

If you are not in such a profession, your motivation for big breast implants may be completely different. For you, the choice may be more related to your own aesthetic sense regarding your breast size as it relates to your body type. Or perhaps you may have always dreamed of having big, voluptuous breast and want to take advantage of modern breast augmentation procedures. Take caution in being too inspired by celebrity breast sizes as they might be perfect for their profession, but may not necessarily be desirable to you in everyday life. If you are considering getting big breast implants, some of the things you should plan to consider include:

* Big implants attract attention. Big breasts get attention not only from your family, friends, co-workers, but from the public in general. Surprisingly soon after you get your breast implants, people will tend to forget that you have breast implants and simply accept them as your own breasts. If you are comfortable with attention to your new breast size, big breast implants may be right for you.

* Clothing. The type and style of your fashions will change. Ideal apparel for big breasts is significantly different from that designed for smaller breasts. Your choices in bras will become somewhat limited as well, especially if you choose a breast size of DD or larger.

* Think About Your Body. Bigger breasts will impact your body. Women with larger breasts sometimes report back problems resulting from the weight of their breasts.. Your breast tissue and skin will also stretch so that if you desire to reduce your breast size later, the new breast implant procedure wil be more difficult and will likely result in scarring. Additionally, the weight of a big breast implant can may cause the entire breast to sag under the weight of the breast implant.

* Consider the Breast implant profile. If the base diameter of your breast is narrower than your desired breast implant it can impact your arm movement. Choosing a higher profile big breast implant may be necessary in this case. In some cases, your body may not even be able to handle the size you want.

* Additional Surgery. The most common reason women require subsequent operations is to change their breast implant size. However, doctors often say it is usually to increase the breast size.

You will really benefit by trying out larger implant sizes by using breast implant sizers. A major change in your body may have some unexpected and undesired results which could prove to be disappointing to you after breast augmentation. For example, Real Housewives star, Tamra Barney, opted to reduce her breast implant size from a D cup to C cup after she received unwanted public attention to her breasts.

By wearing breast implant sizers for a while before your breast augmentation surgery, you may be able to avoid this kind of problem. There are several breast implant sizing systems on the market today, but only a few that let you experiment with larger sizes. By your own experience you may decide whether or not big breast implants are right for you.

You can wear the larger breast implant sizers out and about shopping or even to work just to see how you will feel about the bigger size. You should even try sleeping in the sizers to see how your sleep patterns may be affected. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach you may not find that comfortable anymore. If you the feeling and the new attention to your breasts after using the sizers, breast augmetnation that is bigger than a C cup may be right for you.

Before you decide on big breast implants you will need to meet with your plastic surgeon to decide how they will be a possibility for you given your body type. Consider thoroughly how your desire for big breasts will change throughout your life. If after wearing the breast sizing system and talking with your doctor you still prefer a D cup or larger, big breast implants may be right for you.

Are you thinking of getting bigger breast implants? Try the Purlz Breast Sizing System to see what breast impalnt sizes are right for you!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Choosing a Cup Size For Your Breast Enlargement!

The hardest part of going through breast implants entails choosing the perfect cup size and shape for you and your body. Many women have an even greater in mind based on information from the get go, while others want to do all of it in the fuel to continue the process discreet and unnoticeable. Either way, it is valuable to do as even examination as possible before settling for any one look. You will not only trouble to understand the dimensions of different sizes, but also how they would flatter your specific body type. Doing so should help avoid additional plastic surgery and, of course, will increase the risk of your satisfaction once the procedure is complete.

Should you be worried about noticeable changes, remember that many things can be done to subtlety debut your new breasts. The problem of breast augmentation can easily be avoided by wearing further careful clothing for a short time after completing the procedure.

It is not advisable to try on different bras as a means for choosing the right cup size. This is as many women wear many different bras differently depending on the taste. Some prefer to wear a tighter, smaller bra so as to maximize visible cleavage. Other women prefer looser fitting bras that smother a great deal larger number of of the breasts. What to you may be a D cup bra is a B cup or D cup bra to one else.

The best way to go about choosing the right cup size is by taking a nude picture of yourself from the front and side. Bring this photo to your surgeon, and explain spot on what you want changed. Be sure to note desired lifting, enlargement, and reshaping. If possible, bring in a picture of other bare breasts that exemplify what it is exactly too you are looking for. A good surgeon may go over the visual and physical impact your new breasts will have on your overall appearance. They will take your height, weight, chest shape, breast shape, breast width and tissue stretch to consideration.

The right way to try out a new cup size visually is by inserting different sizes of implants into a sports bra. This is because sports bras are all worn the same, and offer the various lift and coverage. They will post the most authentic visual idea of what your preferred implants will check like, as they will hold the implants the same way as natural tissue. Try on bathing suits, t-shirts, evening wear, and boom clothing over the healthful implant size so as to ensure total satisfaction.

Take your opportunity when deciding on the right shape and size of your new breasts. There is no hurry when it comes to something as serious and permanent as plastic surgery, so be ensured to generate the perfect plan with your surgeon to accommodate your wishes.

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Heidi Montag and gotten herself a new rack. Audrina Patridge recently appeared on a b-movie set sporting a new set of boobs. Audrina Patridge before breast implants: Audrina Patridge after breast implants: I wonder if Audrina went to the same plastic.


People are still debating whether the currently pregnant Mexican star had her boobs done. If she really had a boob job, other celebrities who want to inflate their chests should be lining up outside her door and ask the Academy Award-nominated actress for her plastic surgeon’s phone number. Salma’s breasts have a life of their own, definitely one of the best pairs in Hollywood, boob job or no boob job.


Carmen Electra has been very open about the fact that she has had breast augmentation surgery. Carmen has even gone so far to say that she sort of regrets getting breast implants, because she had nice boobs before the surgery. Well, perhaps it was those originally nice breasts that helped, but her breast augmentation surgery came out phenomenally.


She’s had more than one boob job, yet unlike some multiple breast implant-receivers, she doesn’t look like a freak. Far from it. She remains one of the hottest moms on Earth, and it's not difficult to see why. It’s a little bit scary that at age of 30 people are indulging in breast implants. For the past days, circulating rumors about Brooke Burke have gotten a boobs jobs that surprises the people since she’s just on her mid 30’s.


Adriana Lima's breasts are so perfect and has men drooling raises the question of whether Adriana Lima's breast implants are real or fake. Did Adriana Lima go through a breast implants or breast augmentation is a question in everyone's minds, look at the pictures in this hub especially take a closer look at Adriana's breasts you can get an answer yourself. Hollywood celebrities and models like Adriana Lima may have got breast implants - real or fake always remain a question.